Umbrella companies have been around for years – the model is very well established and a standard part of contracting across many sectors. We understand though that for people encountering umbrella working for the first time, there’s a lot to navigate! We hope these FAQs help.

If you are a prospective contractor and have further queries not answered here, please get in touch.

Why choose Phrase Mark?

When contracting you a free to choose your preferred umbrella company. At Phrase Mark we provide a comprehensive and compliant solution and are education specialists. You can read more about what Phrase Mark offers here.

When am I paid?

You will be paid either weekly or monthly according to the contractual agreement we have with you.

How am I paid?

Your take-home pay will be paid directly into your bank account.

What else do I get through Phrase Mark?

In addition to your take-home pay, and your statutory entitlements, Phrase Mark also offers its employees a number of non-contractual benefits – such as discount vouchers for leading retailers. Read more about this here.

Can I be furloughed through Phrase Mark?

Under the scheme rules, umbrella employees are eligible to be furloughed. At this stage in the pandemic we don’t envisage a need to furlough employees anymore, but should there be a future resurgence in the pandemic then Phrase Mark is committed to doing everything it can to stand by its employees – including the use of appropriate Government schemes.